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If you’re having trouble or issues with the dog fence system or training we are happy to help.

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Independent Support

Though we are not associated with Invisible Fence®, we can provide independent support for invisible dog fencing systems, and most other electric pet fence systems such as Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Dog Guard®, Innotek®, etc. We can repair wire breaks and exposed wires, or provide troubleshooting support and general maintenance.

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Contact us today to find out how Pet Stop of Wichita can help keep your Invisible Fence® functioning and your pet safely and securely contained!

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Trade-In Specials

If you’re a current owner of an Invisible Fence® or other brand of dog containment system, you’ll be happy to hear that you can upgrade to a premium Pet Stop® system at reduced price when you swap out your existing system. Inquire now!

Compatible Products

Our Pet Stop® receiver collars can be programmed to work with Invisible Fence® (as well as other electronic pet fencing brands). Already own an Invisible Fence® underground pet fence system? Ask us about purchasing Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and receiver collars at a savings.

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