Pet Stop of Wichita

Underground Dog Fences

Our experts are here to help you find the right pet fencing solution that is right for your dog and your specific needs.

Freedom & Safety for Your Pet

Our underground dog fences are a safe and humane way to protect your dog. We understand that your pet is unique, and we’ll take an individual approach to training your pet to their new fence. We guarantee that your dog will be safely contained, and in the case that they may need more training we’ll provide it at no additional cost. We offer a money back containment guarantee.

How Electric Dog Fences Work

The Pet Stop system uses an underground wire and control unit to create an invisible barrier around your yard.

Your dog will wear a receiver collar. If your he/she gets too close to the wire, the collar will beeps, and then administers a brief vibration.

This vibration isn’t a “shock” of electricity. It doesn’t cause pain. The jolt is very similar to a TENS unit that chiropractors and physical therapists use on people. If your dog continues, the vibration may intensify. The system will be customized for your dog’s size and disposition, to ensure the level of correction is appropriate.

Our Gentle Steps training program will help your dog learn where the boundaries are, and in a short time, how to navigate your property. They will quickly learn to recognize the boundaries, and stop when they hear the warning tone.

Pet Stop is 100% USA made. We offer the best pricing and the best warranty in the industry. If you’d like to learn more about this system, get in touch today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Outdoor Systems

We provide installations of outdoor underground dog fencing system that will not only keep your pet safely contained, but can also keep your pet out of your garden, landscaping, pool or other off-limit zones.

Indoor Solutions

Pet Stop of Wichita brings the benefits of boundary setting indoors, too. Our technology can easily keep pets off of kitchen counters, keep dogs out of the litter boxes and/or block off areas of your home where pets aren’t allowed.

Cost for Underground Fencing

An underground dog fence typically costs much less than a traditional fence. The price varies based on the size of the area you’d like to have contained, and features you’d like included on the system. We offer a low price guarantee! Get a quote for your new system:

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