Pet Stop of Wichita


Videos provided by our partners at Hidden Fence of Minnesota.

Pet Stop® Link Commercial

Installation of Buried Boundary Wire

Hidden Fences in Action

Gentlesteps™ Accelerated Training

Link App – Exclusively for Link EcoLite Receivers

Diagnostic Charging Station Plus – Exclusively for EcoLite & Link EcoLite Receivers

Pet Stop OT300 EcoLite Correction Level Change

Pet Stop OT300 Boundary Width and Height Adjustment

Pet Stop PCC200 Pro, OT150 & OT200 Correction Level Change

Perimeter System – Change Correction Level

Perimeter Receiver Correction Level Change

Recharging the EcoLite Receiver

Replacing the Battery in Perimeter or Pet Stop Battery Powered Receivers

Perimeter System Helpful Tips

Perimeter System – Boundary Width Adjustment

Perimeter System – Frequency Change

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